“Save Our Stolen Mascot” FLASH SALE - Limited Time and Quantity

Earlier this year our company “Mascot” - a Polaris RZR show vehicle was stolen and later written off by the insurance company. The police have informed us that the unit has recently been recovered. But since the claim is close it’s now belong to the insurance company. We put a lot of time in the RZR and went to many shows and events with it. We were looking to buy it back but the insurance company would not work with us and didn't even bother returning any phone calls from us or the detective working the case. We have no idea what type of shape it’s in or where it will end up going. All we know is that it holds a lot of good memories with us growing the company from the start and having good times together. So we are running a quick sale to recoup some cash in order to track down, buy back, and restore our once lost mascot.