LED Headlight Kit - Plug and Play Conversion 5 Times as Bright as Halogen

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  • Improve Visibility - Top of the line Bridgelux COB LED chip provides 3800 Lumen output per bulb, compared to 500-800lm for a typical halogen bulb. Might just help you avoid an accident spotting that deer early.
  • Improve Lifespan - Highly efficient LED technology enables a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours while halogen last around 700 hours and HID’s last under 2000 hours.
  • Simple Installation - Direct plug and play replacement, just like replacing a burned out headlight bulb.
  • Canada-based Support - Local 1-800 customer support with 2 years replacement warranty and 60 days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with our product within 60 days we will cover the return shipping for you to send it back so there’s no risk for you to try.
  • On a small amount of vehicle models with a CAN Bus system that controls the headlights with PWM, anti-flickering decoders are be required for LED bulbs (and sometimes the FM radio) to function properly. LED headlights might not be compatible with the DRL on some vehicles. Please see below for details:


Flickering, FM Radio Interferences and Headlight Error Codes
If your headlights are powered by PWM (pulse-width-modulation, only happens on CAN Bus equipped vehicles but not all CAN Bus system send PWM to headlights), the pulse wave in the power would cause the LED bulbs to flicker and/or create interference on the FM radio. We have top of the line anti-flickering CAN Bus decoders are designed to stop the flickering/interferences as well as prevent headlight error codes with LED conversion. You can search “HL05 CANBUS” on Amazon for them. 


Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
If your DRL is driven by PWM to reduce power, you’d need the decoders mentioned above to prevent flickering. 
If your DRL is driven by a lower than normal voltage, our bulbs will work down to 7V with reduced brightness, anything lower will not turn them on. 


How to Check
You can google (vehicle year/model) LED headlight + can bus or + DRL to see if there are any known issues. Or if you have access to the wiring diagram of your vehicle you can tell the headlights are being driven by PWM if there is a control module for them. Here’s a list of the commonly known vehicles that’d need the decoders: 

  • Most Chrysler products especially RAM, Jeep, and Caravan
  • German makes like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Mini Cooper
  • Korean makes like Hyundai and Kia

Or you can try them first and get the decoders if needed.



The back portion of the LED bulbs is larger than the halogen version due to the extra cooling designed for the powerful light output. Please check the dimensions listed and make sure there is enough room for them housing before ordering. Your OEM dust covers might not fit back on with the LED bulbs and our universal dust covers on this listing would work for most applications.